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Department Lecture Series AS 16

We are happy to welcome you to our new Department Lecture Series "Be constructive!". The series starts with a panel discussion with the outstanding Indian civil engineer Mahendra Raj and next to him, Ariel Huber, Johannes Käferstein and Joseph Schwartz will be part of the discussion. Additionally, we are very looking forward to the lectures of even more excellent representatives of our discipline: Marianne Burkhalter, Diébédo Francis Kéré and Solano Benítez.

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Foster + Partners Deliver Keynote at AAG2016 Conference

On Monday 12 September 2016, the renowned architect Lord Norman Foster, together with Francis Aish, Head of Applied Research and Development at Foster + Partners, presented a publ ...


Benjamin Baker Medal

Stefan M. Holzer und

The paper Hinges in historic concrete and masonry arches by Stefan M. Holzer und Karen Veihelmann, published in the journal Engineering History and Heritage, is awarded with the Baker Medal 2016.

Each year, ICE Publishing ackn ...

Theodor Fischer Prize

Andreas Putz

Dr. Andreas Putz, assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Stalder, has been awarded the Theodor Fischer Prize for his dissertation "Der Bestand der Stadt. Leitbilder und Praktiken der Erhaltung. Zürich 1930-1970“ which was supervised by Dr. ...

Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative

Simon Kretz

Sir David Chipperfield has chosen ETH D-ARCH lecturer Simon Kretz as his protégé in the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative for 2016–2017. The Rolex Arts Initiative is a philanthropic programme that pairs emerging artists with maste ...

Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2015

Anette Freytag

Anette Freytags monography on "Dieter Kienast Stadt und Landschaft lesbar machen" was chosen by the Federal Office of Culture as one of the most beautiful Swiss books of 2015.


Today 15:00 Uhr Doktorprüfung

Lara Borgonovi e Silva Heavy Lightness: The Poetics of Conflict in the Structural Design of João Vilanova Artigas and Carlos Cascaldi

Today 19.00 Uhr Feier

Housewarming Party Arch_Tec_Lab

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

Housing Cairo: Works of the MAS Urban Design at the XVth Architecture Biennale, Venice, Egyptian Pavilion

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

«Beyond Bending»

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016


Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

«Mud WORKS!»

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

«Jardim Colombo: a Selective Chronology»

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

«Incidental Space»

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

«Daring Growth»

Exhibition 28 May - 27 Nov, 2016

«Sarajevo Now: The People's Museum»

Exhibition 21 Sep - 21 Oct, 2016

On the Thresholds of Space-Making: Kazuo Shinohara

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