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In her work, Marie-José Van Hee and her team of architects renew the tradition of building timeless architecture. Throughout her career, she has devoted particular attention to space, natural materials and light, and has made use of classical elements such as the window, door, fireplace, staircase and gallery to anchor the house, the public building, or even the city.
Marie-José has over the years gained respect and esteem for the extraordinarily high quality of life offered by the buildings she designs. They manage to capture in an unpretentious way the intimacy of living in stone and light, as well as reinvent the townhouse typology as a cornerstone of the city of tomorrow, qualities which make her work unique. Her designs for public buildings and bridges are less well known, but nevertheless also shape a humanistic vision on architecture and the city, through the valorisation of public space as a meeting place, and the use of an truly authentic architecture to intensify the experience of light, space and human contact.

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10. Nov. 2015

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