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Studying at ETH depends on a tiered model, with bachelor's and master's degrees. This study structure corresponds to the European "Bologna" model. Course work is rewarded with credit points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The advanced training is ensured through the doctorate and various continuing education programmes (MAS/CAS).

The Department of Architecture maintains the tradition of canalizing new tendencies, innovative design approaches and unorthodox attitudes into teaching by the institution of guest lecturers and guest professores (guest lecturers in design).

Guest Lecturers

They teach a design class during four semesters. Preferably young architects will have a chance to convey our Department their specific view towards architecture.

Guest Professors

Usually, Guest-Professors stay for one year at the D-ARCH.These positions are held for well-known and respected architects with a broad oeuvre on the hightest international level. Students benefit from their rich and practice oriented experience.

On these pages guest-lecturers in design will find information concerning the registration of design courses and seminar weeks and important notices related to administrative tasks for their teaching.

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