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Richard Horden is a cofounder of Horden Cherry Lee Architects, founded in 1992. Richard Horden has been active as a dedicated architect, as well as a worthy teacher at the University of Munich. His buildings and vision are spread all over the world, and many received international awards. Richard Horden believes Architecture is very much influenced be the social environment, the most advanced and beautiful projects happen in most free and ambitious of social environments. He also states that the role of architect is comparable to a conductor of a orchestra as well as to a football player, you have to combine very different aspects based on trained insight, without knowing all the details. And like a game of football, for the best results you need a strong and comprehensive team of architects and engineers.
Horden Cherry Lee Architects is an architectural, planning and design studio led by Richard Horden, Stephen Cherry and Billie Lee. The practice has quickly earned a reputation for designing and delivering high quality architecture since its formation in 1999.

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