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Solano Benítez lies his exercise as a partnership in Gabinete de Arquitectura founded in 1987, today integrated by Solanito Benítez B + Gloria Cabral + Solano Benítez, professional structure that promotes architecture applying research in the area of design, construction and education.
More than 20 years of exercise, researching development in terms of capacity of the discipline in response to the construction of the society. This field of work has been reformulated from constructive techniques to alleged cities having vision and compromise with the future. During this time, Gabinete de Arquitectura has integrated differents partnership, mostly social actors, like sociologist, anthropologist, philosophers, artists, economists, and historians, among others, making the multidisciplinary approaches the reason of the hybrid and the enrichment of the professional answer of the architecture as a discipline. During this time of research exercise, using intelligence as a link between all the humans beings, have developed opportunities of knowledge for re-think techniques and procedures that have been used for thousand of years, allowing the appearance and unexpected opportunities for the societies where these researches are filed. The teaching activity is an extension of these thoughts, where undergraduate and master ́s curses in different universities in Paraguay and around the world, samples the amplified stage of all this experiences. The professional activity had international prominence that is verified obtaining numerous awards and publications from the disciplinary contribution.

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22 Nov, 2016

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