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Professor of Building Physics

Insights from modeling dynamics of water sorption in spherical particles for adsorption heat pumps.
A.I. Radu, Thijs Defraeye, J. Ruch, D. Derome, and J. Carmeliet
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Optimising urban energy systems: Simultaneous system sizing, operation and district heating network layout.
Boran Morvaj, Ralph Evins, and Jan Carmeliet
Energy, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Robust moisture reference year methodology for hygrothermal simulations.
Xiaohai Zhou, Dominique Derome, and Jan Carmeliet
Building and Environment, (2016) Oxford: Elsevier.
Assessment of a one-way nesting procedure for obstacle resolved large eddy simulation of the ABL.
Marcel Vonlanthen, Jonas Allegrini, and Jan Carmeliet
Computers & Fluids, (2016) Kidlington: Elsevier.
Impact of radiation exchange between buildings in urban street canyons on space cooling demands of buildings.
Jonas Allegrini, Viktor Dorer, and Jan Carmeliet
Energy and Buildings, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Electrical conductivity sensors for water penetration monitoring in building masonry materials.
M. Guizzardi, Dominique Derome, David Mannes, Roger Vonbank, and Jan Carmeliet
Materials and Structures, (2016) Dordrecht: Springer.
Transport of Polar and Nonpolar Liquids in Softwood Imaged by Neutron Radiography.
Guylaine Desmarais, Marjan S. Gilani, Peter Vontobel, Jan Carmeliet, and Dominique Derome
Transport in Porous Media, (2016) Berlin: Springer.
Time-resolved and time-averaged stereo-PIV measurements of a unit-ratio cavity.
Marc Immer, Jonas Allegrini, and Jan Carmeliet
Experiments in Fluids, (2016) Berlin: Springer.
Moisture adsorption of glucomannan and xylan hemicelluloses.
Karol Kulasinski, Lennart Salmén, Dominique Derome, and Jan Carmeliet
Cellulose, (2016) Berlin: Springer.
Turbulent airflow above a full-scale macroporous material: Boundary layer characterization and conditional statistical analysis.
Sreeyuth Lal, Peter Moonen, Lily D. Poulikakos, Manfred N. Partl, Dominique Derome, and Jan Carmeliet
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, (2016) New York, NY: Elsevier.
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