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ETH Zurich conducts both, its own and collaborative evidenced-based pure research, as well as applied research of lasting value. Collaborative efforts are primarily the responsibility of the relevant departments, institutes or chairs. The D-ARCH collaborates with national and international research institutions in various research areas. It also maintains partnerships within the building industry and the broader private sector.

The D-ARCH’s key research partners in Switzerland are the universities; it also collaborates with Switzerland's major universities of applied science. In addition to partnering with the National University of Singapore NUS on the joint Future Cities Laboratory FCL research programme, D-ARCH maintains international relations with a multitude of leading research institutions. The D-ARCH’s industry partners primarily support and promote areas of applied research, either by project participation or by chair funding.

The D-ARCH regularly invites one visiting professor from abroad in order to foster the exchange of international architectural views. In addition, young successful architects are being offered a visiting lecturer position, giving them the oportunity to enter an academic career.

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