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Architectural research at the D-ARCH is genuinely interdisciplinary. The experiences of the past, analysis of the present and research investing in the future constitute the basis of thought and thus of all research and teaching activities at the Department of Architecture. Depending on the perspective and the question posed, methods from the social sciences, the humanities, engineering, as well as the material and spatial sciences are brought into play. Our research focuses on the fundamental question: How shall we plan and build the homes and cities of the future?

Research in Teaching

Complementary disciplines such as urban design, landscape architecture, history, theory, technology, building conservation, etc. are taught simultaneously and throughout the entire course of study. They establish the basis for a sound understanding of architecture and contribute significantly to the professional abilities of the young architects.

Research in Practice

In the tradition of a technical university, the Department of Architecture goes beyond basic research by conducting applied research, too. This research-to-practice principle establishes close ties to practical applications. Our focus lies on exploring present and future societal needs and responding to them by offering concrete solutions.

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