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The Institute of Landscape Architecture (ILA) integrates disciplinary research and teaching in the curriculum of the Faculty of Architecture. Research and teaching follow three topics: landscape design, digital media, as well as theory and history. Besides teaching at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctor- ate levels, it also provides an important knowledge transfer to the public sector. At the bachelor/master’s level, the ILA offers a theory and history of landscape architecture, two design studios, integrated discipline seminars, as well as elective courses and theses. It directs the Landscape Visualisation and Modelling Lab (LVML) founded in 2010 with support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). This has enabled the ILA to advance new 3D-GIS techniques in landscape simulation. The Institute offers a one-year post-graduate programme in landscape architecture.


Head of the Institute

Prof. Christophe Girot


Prof. Günther Vogt


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